A countryside home a few years in the making

A countryside home a few years in the making

#Pinch #wakemeup!!  Is this real?? What a whirlwind the last few weeks have been!!! A blur of excitement and emotions. I had originally wanted to get my blog up and going a few weeks ago and life JUST happened! This being my first entry I wanted to explain how this journey of moving out to the country all began.   Let’s look back and you’ll understand a little more……I will try to make it short and sweet as best I can and not bore you all to death!

When we moved back to MN 5 1/2 years ago from CO we had it in our hearts that we wanted to have more space. I always loved the city life but growing up in ND on a farm, that took some getting used to and our hearts just yearned for the open space.  At that time there wasn’t much on the market and not sure where Joel would be working (he was still working for his CO companies) we thought it be best we stayed with in the 494 loop. We found a beautiful house in Plymouth that we made a home. And along with that we gained some amazing neighbors and made life long friends. We knew however, that by the time our oldest, Brayden, would be entering middle school, if we were going to move that would be the time.

Our process of looking for land/home started 3 years ago with our patient realtor Jay Hancock (bless his heart).  We listed our house late last summer (’16) and with no luck decided to pulled it off the market once school started.  Looking back this turned out to be perfect.  Brayden was able to finish his last year in elementary and we were able to enjoy the house we had just made beautiful to sell (doesn’t that always seem to be what happens).  And being completely honest….we hadn’t found anything we were in love with to make us want to move. The timing was not right and it was not in our hands.

At the end of February 2017 we listed our house again not knowing what to expect. Out of the gate we had an offer which fell through at inspection,  then 2 weeks later another offer with a quick close. This is when we found our country home.  It was sitting empty, needed some love but I instantly had a vision!  We were one of 3 offers and they accepted ours.  Right after inspection we got the news that our buyers would not be able to close on their property… thus the ripple effect..the sellers let us put a contingency to the end of June.  We were crushed but also felt that if it was meant to be, it will be.  Sure enough, 2 days before our offer was to expire we got an offer and things went quick and so smooth it was hard to believe that it was actually happening.  They do always say “Third time is a charm” and holy shit, they were right!!

We feel so blessed and thankful that we are FINALLY here in our home out in the country.  Our home needs some love but like I said….I have a vision!

So why would I want to document all these changes and transformations for all to see you may be wondering??  Ever since I was a little girl I have had a love for fashion and design. Ask my mom how many times I would rearrange furniture, help her paint, wallpaper and decorate the house??  My Mom is the queen of DIY and refurbishing things and turning trash into treasures (before it was cool)!  It may be a heredity thing because her Mom and her sisters are all incredibly talented too.   I loved drawing floor plans and crafting my dream home. Now as an adult my absolutely FAV time of year is the Parade of Home and it’s twice a year!!  Both in spring and fall you will find me on the weekends walking through homes for inspiration and style….and it’s coming up again here right after Labor Day!!  Also, over the years of being a home owner I have done a lot of DIY projects and want to share with you that you can do these as well. Even on a small budget you can get the home that you love!  All you need is some inspiration, patience and a little know how (or Pinterest /YouTube) along with coffee and wine to help you along the way. I am excited to share with you the transformation in our home and if you don’t know me….I like to have fun, laugh and occasionally swear (all my friends are choking on their drinks on that one) 😉 But this will be a fun adventure! I have some awesome pictures coming up on the next post – stay tuned!!

I truly believe that after the long process, stress and emotions over the last year have made me understand that certain parts of our life are definitely not in our control and we need to “Let it go” and trust in God.  Let me tell you, this is not an easy thing to do for a person who likes to have a plan and be in control!! But I honestly do believe things will always work out and the journey we go through is always what makes us stronger and we grow from them. Without struggles we would never appreciate what we have.  Now let the new chapter begin!!    Please follow me in my passion for design and inspiration as well as living life with 4 beautiful, crazy kids!  This, my friends, is bringing me full circle back to my rustic roots.


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  1. So happy for you! I can’t wait to follow your journey of transforming your home! Let me know if you ever want to go dig through barnwood for hours on end… I’ll happily join you!

  2. So exciting. I grew up the same way. Let me know if you ever need a hand with any projects. I love the satisfaction of seeing the impact of some good old fashioned hard work!

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