Long awaited 2nd Post – yay!!!

Long awaited 2nd Post – yay!!!

Finally! I bet you are all thinking, what happened to this Rustic Mom lady and how are all her projects coming along?!!  Well, truth be told it’s been insane with getting the family settled into a new school district, everyday living, 3 kids in hockey and a toddler that keeps me on my toes.

That being said, we have been busy beavers at the house. The first project in which I am going to reveal is the exterior of the house.  I gave a few little sneak peaks on my Facebook page on what was happening but we partnered with Graco to do some filming on the exterior of the home. A few of the segments are on how to paint your home as well as updating a garage door by spray painting.  My Fav, DYI!  I would love to pay for someone do to all of my projects for me but sometimes the budget won’t allow for it. The second thing is there is a sense of accomplishment when you do things on your own and when you have the right tools it make it so much easier. The Graco Sprayers we used help get the job done! Because we were hitting it close to the end of painting season and snow we brought in my favorite painters, Virtue Painting and Construction and M.Carlson Painting to help finish the hard to reach and trim work.  We had a blast filming that week and the cast and crew were amazing!  Team work makes the dream work!

The before and after pictures on the house are pretty dramatic.  The house before was a mixture of yellow, tan and orange. It needed a refresh and wow – it looks like a brand new home!  Actually, people do ask me if we built new when they come…. nope, that’s just what a coat of paint and some elbow grease can do.  I just love it! Daily when I drive up to the house I think to myself, “wow, we are blessed….this looks so damn good!” Thanks to Graco for making our house turn into a beautiful HOME!

Ok, here we go – here is the before………

And the Dramatic After!

And Really, could that sunset look any more amazing?!

And if you are wondering how do I update the exterior of my home and garage here are the videos on how too and the right Graco Equipment to help! (Now my backside is viral, LOL!)

How to Paint the Exterior of your Home:


How to Paint the Garage Doors with an Airless Spray Gun:


How to Paint the Garage Doors with a handheld Airless Spray Gun;







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